It is interesting to know about Serotonin, a chemical substance produced by nerve cells. This chemical is responsible for the signals transmitted between the nerve cells. This chemical can be found in various body parts; blood platelets, digestive systems, and the central nervous system. The chemical is also known to regulate our moods. The substance is synthesized from the amino acid, namely tryptophan. This amino acid is prevalent in dairy products, meat, nuts, and eggs. High levels of this substance in the blood are said to cause carcinoid syndrome. Such syndromes are often associated with various syndromes about tumours in the appendix, small intestines, bronchial tubes, and colon.

Functions of Serotonin

This blog segment discusses the varied functions of the chemical substance within the human or animal body. The substance is said to impact every part of the body. Besides, it also affects the motor neurons, which are known to control our motor skills. The chemical is known to affect sleeping habits, 

healing, and digestion. The chemical substance is also known as an excellent mood stabilizer. 

The chemical substance facilitates in doing the following:-

● It helps in regulating anxiety

● The substance is known for a happy experience

● The chemical is often responsible for healing wounds

● It stimulates nausea

How do the chemical functions within the body?

Once the substance enters the body, it affects almost every part of the body. It affects bowel movements within the body, nausea and mood, an individual's sleep and waking, and sex. Besides, it also helps to expedite the clotting of the blood. 

Almost 90% of the chemical in context has their genesis in the intestines. The substance is known to control the movements of the bowels. 

The chemical substance synthesized in the brain is known to regulate feelings; it is known to cause anxiety and happiness. Some treatments involve the intake of this chemical, and they are known to effectively treat mood disorders by enhancing the chemical's activity within the brain. Besides, the chemicals secreted within the stomach and the intestines facilitate the body in initiating vomiting and nausea in response to food and illness. 

Neurotransmitters like Serotonin are directly responsible for controlling abilities to stay awake. When a cut occurs on the body's skin surface, then the body requires repairs. In this context, it is relevant to add that platelets contain this chemical. Whenever cuts occur then, the platelets are known to release these chemicals into the blood. This phenomenon helps blood clotting, and it results in stopping the bleeding and healing of wounds.

The chemical is also known to control the sexual functions of the body. Therefore, medicines that affect the levels of the chemicals in the blood are known to cause sexual side effects.

Wrap Up

Normal levels of Serotonin in the blood facilitate several vital bodily functions. However, if there exists an imbalance of this chemical substance, then it may mean something very serious in nature. Then it becomes important to pay attention to one's body and consult the doctor about the concerns.